Alternative Universe



"Alternative Universe" is a quirky, edgy animated space tale with a focus on the global climate crisis... it's "Bo Jack Horseman" meets POTUS.  

Logline: The newly elected U.S. President, Donald Trump, is seeing his psychiatrist and former Nazi adviser to his father, Dr. Hoopenschlocken. Fulfilling a promise to Donald's late father, the doctor has the arduous task of transforming his narcissistic, fascist son into a principled, benevolent world leader. 


"Candice Delevante has a unique way of developing characters and describing their personalities and actions with great detail. It's easy to imagine 'Alternative Universe' while reading it and some of the tweets and dialogue that Candice weaved into the story is astounding."   - Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 


Winner, Best Dark Comedy Screenplay, Oregon Short Film Festival

Winner, Best Screenplay​, Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 

Nominee, Best Short Screenplay, Portland Comedy Film Festival 

Finalist, Best Comedy Series Screenplay, Houston Comedy Film Festival

Finalist, Short Screenplay, Richmond International Film Festival 

Finalist, Global Script Challenge/Best Short Screenplay, Oaxaca Film Festival

Official Selection, Georgia Shorts Film Festival

Official Selection, Women's Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta 

Semi-finalist, Diverse Voices/We Screenplay


Story Consultant: Arvad Orion


Preliminary Rendering ​by Wild Creations 


P.O. Box 282, New York, NY 10014