Anatomy of a Crime Scene



Preliminary rendering by Doan Trang


Mother Earth is personified as the Plaintiff in a fictional ecocide

 case based on real events.  This surreal docu-drama 

depicts the human species as the destructive force in perpetuating the 

vast devastation of our planet and Her most precious resources. 



Writer’s Statement

Mother Earth is given Her own voice in this story, which offers a compelling visual timeline

with minimal use of dialogue, to challenge the viewer to look past his/her own 

personal surroundings and observe our drastically changing landscape. 

This story was Influenced by the macabre exploitations of the Amazon rainforest,

and by a film titled "I Am Cuba" by Mikhail Kalatozov.


Award Winner, Firenze FilmCorti International Film Festival 

Finalist, Oaxaca Film Festival

Semi-Finalist, Utah Film Festival

Semi-Finalist,  Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Official Selection, Rome Prisma Film Awards

 Outstanding Achievement, Berlin Flash Film Festival 

 Nominee, Best Experimental Short Screenplay, Georgia Shorts Film Festival 

Official Selection, Austin Micro Short Film Festival