Green Gotham



Green Gotham is a web series hosted by Lew Blaustein.  In the classic talk show format aimed towards community outreach, Lew highlights award-winning and notable activists, educators and entrepreneurs who advocate for local, national and global environmental solutions. 

Lew devoted his livelihood to this cause and was trained as a climate reality leader by Al Gore at The Climate Reality Project:


Lew & I co-developed Green Gotham in 2013 and by 2015, we completed our 2nd season with two key achievements: 

1) an uptick in viewership overseas, to include Germany, the Philippines and Switzerland, and 

2) Lew's Facebook reach, which increased by 139% after the 1st episode and by 240% halfway through the season.  

UPDATE: Lew hosted his first podcast in 2020. Mazel tov!

Link to Green Sports Pod:



Season 1

Pilot:  Michelle Andry and Kendy Francois

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

Ep. 102:  Scott Miller

"Years of Living Dangerously"   

Ep. 103:  Annabelle Bennett, Trucost

Ep. 104:  Tim Hoffman, Clean Tech Open

Ep. 105:  Christine Datz-Romero, LES Ecology Center 

Ep. 106:  Dr. Eban Goodstein, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Ep. 107:  Tyler Adkins, Urban Green Energy

Ep. 108:  Sam Hasan II, Soap Boy Products 

Season 2

Ep. 201:  Harriet Shugarman, Climate Mama 

Ep. 202:  George Pakenham, Idle Threat, Man on Emission 

Ep. 203:  Michael Deutsch, 4th Bin E-waste Recycling

Ep. 204:  Kim Fraczek, Sane Energy Project

Ep. 205:  Brian Lehrer, The Brian Lehrer Show

Ep. 206:  Chef Harold Villarosa, The Insurgo Project

Ep. 207:  Dena Seidel and Nicole Waite /

Ep. 208:  Joseph Robertson, Citizens' Climate Lobby



Associate Producers

Lewis Blaustein

Jennifer Ortiz

Consulting Producers

Madelena Montiel

Laurie Silbersweig-Blaustein

​Robin Hall