The Robo Con

Logline:  A little-known shell corporation formed by the big banks and Wall Street

has been quietly foreclosing on homes across America with no oversight from local, 

state or federal authorities by using a process called robo signing.   

Synopsis:  As a privately-owned company destroys the livelihoods of homeowners

across the country while operating under the guise of a mortgage servicer, the filmmaker

highlights a Detroit homeowner and community leader who tells the heartbreaking story

of losing her family’s home at the behest of rogue law enforcement who threatened to 

kill them while throwing her and her family out on the street.

Featuring: Sandra Hines, Detroit community leader and activist 

Camera crew: Patrick Yu, Dexter Collins

Story Consultant: Arvad Orion

Social Media Manager: Dexter Collins

Underwater Stunt Performer: Arvad Orion

Music: lionel Cohen, AShamaluev Music

Official Selections:

Manchester Lift-Off Online Film Festival

Santa Fe Film Festival

Global Peace Film Festival

Dumbo Film Festival 

International Social Change Film Festival

New York No Limits Film Series

Docs Without Borders Film Festival

Rome Prisma Film Awards 

Film Markets: Palm Springs International ShortFest, Trouville International Short Film Festival


"You’ve done an excellent job of telling the story of the loss of the family home of 

Sandra Hines of Detroit through The Robo Con..  [It] took me back to that electric 

moment in December of 2010 when she testified before the House Judiciary Committee.  

Many of us on that panel with her were stunned by the intensity of her testimony and 

the honest tragedy of her story... There was hope that, through the public tellings of the

tragic stories of people like [her], things would get better, that Congress would do more to help the little guys stand up to the big banks...  the foreclosures continued on and still go on...  and big banks like Wells Fargo go on praying upon American consumers.  I hope that your... re-telling of [her] story will shine the light again on the predatory business model of America’s financial institutions.  Thank you for this excellent piece of work."

Thomas A. Cox, Esq.
Of Counsel, National Consumer Law Center 

"The Robo Con is tightly researched and well argued.  It takes an issue that has been framed as a matter of personal poor or greedy choices and made clear the policies that allowed so many people to be caught up in a process designed for the powerful.  Thank you for this clear-eyed reminder which is greatly needed as we look to 2020 and beyond."

Global Peace Film Festival


Global Peace Film Festival's 2019 Impact Survey results for The Robo Con (Short) and Decade of Fire (Feature):  "Overwhelmingly, people came away from the program with their views reinforced or changed by your films, and motivated to act...  People also indicated that they were moved to write letters (to electeds and/or Op-Eds) and volunteer to work locally on the issues discussed in your films."  


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